De Limburgse steden Hasselt, Maaseik, St.-Truiden en Tongeren (1842-1844). Uitgave van kadastrale statistieken.

The Towns Hasselt, Maaseik, St.-Truiden And Tongeren In Limburg. Statistics Based On The Land Registry, 1842-1844: The land registry is a historical source of the first importance, but rarely used. This is a pity, for there is no other document that gives in such minute detail a description of each lot. This goes for the "Tableau indicatif primitif". On the basis of these descriptions, one can find out about the cultivation, the relative value of the different kinds of land, the number and importance of the buildings used for industry, the houses, etc. It is true that a tremendous amount of work is required to bring out that information, but it is so basic that the work will have to be done sooner or later. What is more, the land survey office has compiled excellent statistics. To all practical purposes they can be used as a summary of the "Tableau indicatif primitif". Unfortunately, these statistics are lost in all Belgian pro- vinces except Limburg. J. Hannes publishes the statistics for the towns of Hasselt, Maaseik, St.-Truiden, Tongeren, for the years 1842-1844, so as to make easier a comparison with the general census of agriculture, industry and population taken in 1846.