Journal of Belgian History, LI, 2021, 3

An issue with four individual articles and five book reviews. Jan Vandersmissen (lecturer at the University of Ghent) and Lisa Van Diem (free researcher and teacher in secondary education) investigate the political imagery and narratives between 1876 and 1908 about the suitability of the 'white man' to adapt to the climate of Central Africa. Bram De Maeyer, Fredie Floré and Anne-Françoise Morel, respectively doctoral researcher, professor and senior lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture of KU Leuven, investigate through the case of the Belgian Chancellery in Washington D.C. how architecture was used to strengthen transatlantic relations with the United States. Eline Ceulemans (Master of History and in 2020 Master of International Relations and Diplomacy, University of Antwerp) looks at Belgian diplomacy after 1895 in China. Bart Willems (Antwerp-Beveren State Archives) takes an in-depth look at Antwerp's prison policy in relation to German law enforcement and repression.

Just published : thematic issue about Ypres after WWI

This first (double) issue of 2021 is an English language theme issue about the reconstruction and commemorative practices in and around Ypres after the First World War. Under supervision of invited editors Matthew Haultain-Gall and Delphine Lauwers, this issue presents six articles about among other topics the demographic impact of the Great War on Ypres, the war damage tribunels, reconstruction and collective remembrance. The issue also has two debate contributions, including an interview with Piet Chielens and Dominiek Dendooven of the In Flanders Fields Museum. Further also book reviews and doctorate research summaries (not in English). This rich and diverse issue is available at CegeSoma/State Archives or through After the Summer, the digital content will be added to the website as well.

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