Journal of Belgian History, XLVII, 2017, 1

The contributions in the first 2017 issue of the Journal of Belgian History – of which two in French, and two in Dutch – again bear testimony to the thematic variety of present-day research on Belgian history.

Topics covered in the current issue include: the usage of humour as a rhetorical strategy in parliamentary debates (Flemish Parliament, 2004-2014); the Belgian politics of neutrality during the Prussian-Austrian war (1886); the democratisation of political life after the First World War; and the role of language in the construction of a Belgian national identity around 1830.

Forthcoming Issue (n° 2-3, 2017) Delayed

The production of the forthcoming issue (issues 2 and 3 of 2017) has encountered a delay. It is currently being printend and will be published shortly. The last issue of 2017 (issue 4), a thematic issue on the history of psychiatry in Belgium, will be published shortly afterwards in early 2018.



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