Journal of Belgian History, XLIX, 2019, 1

It contains four articles, a section about doctoral theses and a number of reviews. In her article (written in Dutch), Ine Van Linthout (UGent) investigates the position of Flemings in German National Socialist marriage policies. Pierre Muller (UCL) has written an article in French about the production of a Belgian anti-tank weapon and the Belgian policy of neutrality in the 1930s. Colin Hendrickx (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Vienna) has contributed an article (in English) about Belgian diplomacy in relation to President Mobutu’s Zaire. Finally, Bram De Maeyer (KU Leuven) sheds new light on the ‘Activist’ Council of Flanders during the First World War. These articles can be accessed in digital format as of June 2020 via In the meantime, you can order the issue (or buy a subscription) by email: .

An anniversary issue of the JBH in 2019

The first issue of the JBH will be published in June 2019. This issue will contain four articles about  the position of Flemings in German National Socialist marriage policies, the ‘Activist’ Council of Flanders (1917-1918), Belgian military armament policies during the 1930s and Belgian diplomacy in relation to president Mobutu’s Zaire. The issue also contains book reviews and an overview of new PhD’s. The following issue is already in full preparation as well. No less than three anniversaries will form the cause for the double-sized issue 2-3 : the 50th anniversary of the JBH, the CegeSoma’s 50th anniversary and the commemoration of 75 years of the liberation of Belgium. This is why this will be a  thematic issue about ’75 years of history of WWII’ in Belgium, with contribution of ca. 15 authors. The issue will be presented during a conference in the Belgian senate on 10 December 2019. An ideal moment therefore to renew or confirm your subscription. Please contact Hilde Keppens ( ), mentionning ‘JBH subscription’.

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