Journal of Belgian History, XLVII, 2017, 2/3

This double-sized issue (2-3) contains six diverse articles, on : the policy and viewpoints on hunting of the Belgian Worker’s Party (1894-1936), the judicial trials of denunciators after WW I, the rise of the Social Economy in Flanders, movie programming in the Flemihs LGB movement(1970-1990), folkloristic military marches in Wallonia and the German-speaking radio transmissions in Belgium (1965-1974). Besides the PhD section and the reviews, the issue also has a debate section on the ‘The History Manifesto’ and ‘Big Data’ with contributions from Christophe Verbruggen, Ramses Delafontaine, Fien Danniau, Sally Chambers (UGent) Pieter Lagrou, Delphine Lauwers & Ornella Rovetta (ULB). Here is the Table of Content.

The ‘Bijdragen’/’Cahiers’ (1970-1995) added to our digital archive

The seventeen volumes of the journal 'Bijdragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Tweede Wereldoorlog'/'Cahiers d'histoire de la seconde guerre mondiale' (1970-1995) have been added to our digital archive. All articles are free and digitally accessible. This means that, for the first time, the digital archive of three related journals have been integrated: the old 'Bijdragen tot de Geschiedenis van de Tweede Wereldoorlog'/'Cahiers d'histoire de la seconde guerre mondiale', the Journal of Belgian History (from 1969) and the 'Bijdragen tot de Eigentijdse Geschiedenis'/'Cahiers d'Histoire du Temps présent' (BEG/CHTP, 1996-2011). The first issue of this journal 'Bijdragen/Cahiers’ was published in 1970 by the predecessor of the present CegeSoma. Initially, all issues were published in full in two languages. From 1985, the articles were published in different languages in one volume. In 1995, the last two issues of the 'Bijdragen'/'Cahiers' were published. In 1996, the journal was succeeded by a new journal with a broader focus than the Second World War.

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