Journal Belgian History, L, 2020, 3-4

Het laatste dubbelnummer van 2020, met vijf artikelen en boekrecensies - Le dernier numéro double de 2020, avec 5 articles et des recensions des livres - This final double-sized issue of 2020, contains 5 articles and book reviews :

Jan Naert  - Burgemeesters in de vuurlinie. Lokale bestuurders in België en Noord-Frankrijk tijdens de Duitse invasie in 1914

Alain Rahier - Comment financer une occupation ? L’espace belge partagé entre régimes anglo-hollandais et prussien (1814-1815)

Iris Flagothier - Envisager le militantisme wallon au prisme du genre. Les cas de l’Union des Femmes de Wallonie et de Marguerite Horion-Delchef

Heidi Degerickx, Angelo Van Gorp, Lieselot De Wilde and Griet Roets  - Giving voice to people in poverty in Belgian social policy making since the 1990s : A window of opportunity for a political demarche?

Nico Wouters - Vindevogel : historische waarheid en beeldvorming over de repressie in Vlaanderen

Recently published : the last (double) issue of 2020

The most recent issue contains five articles and ten new bookreviews.

The first article (in Dutch) was written by Ghent historian Jan Naert, about mayors during the First World War in Belgium and occupied northern France. The second article was authored by Alain Rahier (UCL), about the  creation of a new tax-system in the occupied territory which will later become Belgium : a territory in 1814-1815 divided between an Anglo-Dutch- and a Prussian force. The third article comes from Iris Flagothier, and she looks at the Walloon Movement through the lense of gender history using the case of the Union des Femmes de Wallonie (1912) and its head, feminist pionneer Marguerite Horion-Delchef (1874-1964). The fourth article (in English) is authored amongst others by Heidi Degerickx (UGent,  Sociaal Werk). She studies the creation process of the  Algemeen Verslag over de Armoede (AVA, 1994), generally considered a milestone Belgian anti-poverty policy. The fifth article was authored by Nico Wouters (CegeSoma-Rijksarchief, UGent): he uses one of the most iconic symbolic court cases in Flanders about the so-called 'failure of the repression' after the Second World War in Belgium - the case of the  executed mayor and member of parliament Leo Vindevogel - to study the relationship between historical myth and truth. 

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