Mission Statement

The Journal of Belgian History (JBH) is the leading scholarly journal for Belgian contemporary history (19th and 20th century). It is published by the State Archives in Belgium (specifically the CegeSoma, Centre for War and Contemporary Society). It receives financial support from the Fondation de la Recherche Scientifique (FNRS) and from the Fondation Universitaire / Universitaire Stichting. 

Since 2007, the JBH is integrated in the ISI Arts and Humanities Citation Index. The journal publishes articles, a debate section, reviews and an overview of PhD research. The journal publishes two to four issues per year (sometimes with a double issue). We publish contributions in Dutch and French, but also in German and in English. Our editorial board contains representatives of the history departments of all Belgian universities. Together with the editors in chief, the editorial board follows the anonymous peer-review of all articles.