Carl J. Strikwerda

Carl J. Strikwerda is professor of history and president of Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania, USA.  He previously served as Dean of Arts and Sciences at the College of William and Mary and Associate Dean at the University of Kansas.  He earned a B.A. from Calvin College and a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. His publications include Consumers Against Capitalism? Consumer Cooperation in Europe, North America, and Japan, 1840‐1990 (1999) co‐edited with Ellen Furlough; The Politics of Immigrant Workers: Labor Activism and Migration in the World Economy, 1830 to the Present (1998), co‐edited with Camille Guerin‐Gonzales; A House Divided: Catholics, Socialists, and Flemish Nationalists in Nineteenth Century Belgium (1997); “World War I in the History of Globalization,” Historical Reflections/Reflexions historiques (42:3) Winter, 2016. President Strikwerda has served as an historical consultant to the National World War One Museum in Kansas City, Missouri and serves on the Development Advisory Board of the Council for European Studies.