Sociologie en geschiedenis.

Sociology And History: History and sociology have for a long time been opposed, both producing opposing claims as regards their theoritical approach and social usefulness. In this dispute, the historians can be divided into segregationist and integrationist : the integrationists stress the common ground, doubt the scientific value of sociology, but admit its social usefulness. The segregationist emphasize the deep differences between the two disciplines. One has to agree that sociology derives important elements from history, e.g. a nomenclature, the influence of the past on the present, important aspects in methodology, the concept of history as a means of understanding the contemporary world. The opposite, too, is true : sociology has made possible for the historians a deeper insight into the whole of economic and social reality. No historian can claim that the techniques and methods of the sociologist are not to be acknowledged. The sociological approach is an important way to rethinking the past. History stood her ground and fought back : the new economic history and cliometrics emulate the sociology in social usefulness. Unfortunately, the gap is widening : historians started learning sociology, but one tries now to train sociologists without reference to history. Nevertheless, both have so much in common that they should stay together in a unique synthesis. Both approaches are of equal importance. One should try to achieve an empirical philosophy of history and a social philosophy - only a philosophy can bring a global view of mankind. History and sociology should refrain from mutilating that view of mankind by fighting each other.